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Weebly Has A New Look!

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  • The Duchess of Cambridge has shown off a very polished new look while video-calling nurses in the UK to sing their praises. Kate Middleton has video-called a group of nurses, praising them for.

Weebly Has A New Look Alikes

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Kate Middleton has thanked nurses via video chat for their work during the coronavirus pandemic..

Kate Middleton has thanked nurses via video chat for their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Duchess of Cambridge has had a hair makeover. Picture: AAP ImageSource:AAP

Kate Middleton has video-called a group of nurses, praising them for their “acts of kindness” and for going the “extra mile” during the coronavirus pandemic.

During the call, the Duchess, 39, surprised her fans with an stunning new look.

Instead of the bouncy curls that is usually middle-parted, Kate was sporting a more sleek hairdo which was styled straight, and slightly side-parted.

Weebly has a new look bigger

Kate also usually wears printed blouses and dresses, but switched it up for a suit jacket over a white blouse.

Looking very professional.

The Duchess of Cambridge is patron of the Nursing Now campaign, and made the call to the nurses who work in various roles and hospitals in the UK.

She has been part of the initiative since 2018, aiming to raise the profile of nurses globally.

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While chatting to a group of nurses, Kate Middleton showed off a new look. Picture: TwitterSource:Supplied

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“You hear time and time again about the amazing things nurses up and down the country are doing – going that extra mile,” Kate said. “It’s the things that are not part of the training … but the things that come from your heart, and I think that’s what matters so much now: these acts of kindness to the patients you’re looking after.”

During the chat, one nurse explained that they are determined to assure their patients and the public that the vaccine is safe to take.

Kate replied, “To be able to reassure the public as well, that this is safe and it’s the right thing to be doing is really fantastic.”

The Duchess usually sports bouncy, blown out hair. Picture: AAP ImageSource:AAP

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The Duchess was speaking from her country home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall, with a few family photos visible in the background.

Weebly has a new look alikes

Weebly Has A New Look Bigger

One noticeable photo was a shot of her and Prince Louis at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019.

Weebly Has A New Look Alike

Kate and her husband Prince William have made the centre of their work for the past year about mental health among the carers and front line workers who are facing the worst of it during the pandemic.

Last week, Kate and William spoke with frontline workers and counsellors about the impact that COVID-19 has had on mental health.

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Weebly Has A New Look Like

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