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  1. Networking Services We can serve your needs as one national partner, providing industry leading service levels and volume discounts.; Professional Services Our high-calibre professionals are specialized in your industry and possess the necessary knowledge and experience to hit the ground running.; Consulting Services From strategy and planning to implementation, we help our clients deliver.
  2. 1.1 WaveStar Color Monitor Summary The WaveStar® Color Monitor is a 7-inch color touchscreen which displays power management information for up to twenty (20) Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) devices and other PDI devices in the Monitor’s downstream Modbus network.

Sep 09, 2019 A machine that uses the energy produced by the wave motion of the sea to transform it into electricity: this is the basic principle of Wavestar, an oleodynamic platform that promises to create – always through the sustainable exploitation of wave motion – enough electricity to be potentially met five times the world demand.


WaveStar Networks Inc. is a Canadian company, established by industry executives and professionals with decades of experience in the communications industry.

We are a national, leading services firm in the communications industry, providing a full range of network construction services to many of Canada’s leading wireless and wireline service providers.

Our core management and operations team bring together many years of combined experience in the planning, design and deployment of communications systems.

We offer a wide array of network services, professional services and consulting.



From management, through to the operations team, consultants and technicians, our team has a wealth of wireline, cable and wireless expertise that you can depend on.
WaveStar’s company-wide quality assurance and service excellence program has helped us maintain a high level of customer satisfaction over the years. Clients value our customer centric approach, deep industry expertise, and proven service delivery model.
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Executive involvement and oversight
  • Invitations to workshops and industry events
WaveStar is able to deliver a full range of network services accross all major regions of Canada. Leverage our capabilities as you require and realize the benefits of working with a full service partner.



How it works

The Wavestar machine draws energy from wave power with floats that rise and fall with the up and down motion of waves. The floats are attached by arms to a platform that stands on legs secured to the sea floor. The motion of the floats is transferred via hydraulics into the rotation of a generator, producing electricity.

Download game alien shooter 4 terbaru 2019. Waves run the length of the machine, lifting 20 floats in turn. Powering the motor and generator in this way enables continuous energy production and a smooth output. This is a radical new standard and a unique concept in wave energy; it’s one of the few ways to convert fluctuating wave power into the high-speed rotation necessary to generate electricity.

Many Solutions, Not One

Environmental and climate issues, as well as uncertainty about energy supply, demand that we diversify our energy supply to multiple renewable and clean sources. With enough space for wave energy machines but little exploitation thus far, Wavestar is not just developing a wave power device, but energizing a whole movement.

Wavestar Cit Software

Energy production with wave energy is more predictable than wind because waves come and go slowly and can be forecast 24 hours ahead. The Wavestar machine could also be installed together with a wind turbine which would further increase efficiency and reduce set-up costs. Wavestar understand that we need many renewable energy solutions, not just one, so it makes sense to harness the power of waves.