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As you guys must be knowing that watermelon is a great thirst quencher because of its very high water content(92%). but it also contains many other nutrients too.

it is an excellent source of vitamin C,vitamin A,vitamin B6 and lycopene. in addition ,it is a good source of dietary fiber,potassium,thiamin(vitamin B1)and magnesium plus, its a low calorie food (50 calories per cup),which makes it a perfect dessert for those who are watching their weight.

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A seedless watermelon is a sterile hybrid, which is created by crossing male pollen for a watermelon, containing 22 chromosomes per cell, with a female watermelon flower with 44 chromosomes per cell. The next character is the watermelon farmer, called Rose. You can catch different sort of fish. It is always enjoyable to play the latest games, specifically those that use all new material and mechanics.

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if you are not fond of eating water melons, here’s a way to make the same pale flavor turn into a tasty n icy drink.well its called “THE Watermelon Slush”




2. 1 CUP cubed watermelon

3. 1 cup cubed honeydew or cantaloupe melon

4.2 tbsp honey


place the cubes in a blender and pulse-blend it until they are crushed .Next add the watermelon and honeydew or cantaloupe and blend for about one minute longer, or until slushy. finally add in the honey and blend for about 10 more seconds. serve with a twist of lime.

well i tried making it and really tasted very good.

this is the one made by me n the picture below is how it really looks !

so enjoy this drink in the month of ramadan so as to keep your energy level up .

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Watermelon represents the creative services of husband and wife team, Wayne Price + Michelle Musgrove. We chose a word that combines the W+M and also.. who doesn't like watermelon? Watermelon seeks to ensure that the flavor of the best time of your life lives forever.

An award-winning documentary filmmaker, Wayne approaches event photography through the lens of a seasoned storyteller, who knows the perfect moment is not always the perfect image. His approach is to integrate fully as guest, capturing the emotion as he experiences it. With 20+ years specializing in live music and brand stories, Wayne has collaborated with some of the most recognizable names of our time.

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Michelle started playing piano and singing at 3 years of age. She’s since aged quite gracefully, performing around the world and collaborating with legit rock stars both on stage and in the studio. She even sang the Star Spangled Banner for the Golden State Warriors once. Her bi-monthly Tuesday night residency at The Battery in SF in entering its 5th year. Meanwhile, she gets immense pleasure out of creating customized live performances for truly special moments, and would be honored to rock your ceremony and cocktail hour.

Horse drawn transportoutlander lists   & timelines youtube. Watermelon offers package deals for photography + music.

W+M were married in 2014 and live in the Bay Area with their rescue pitbull, Pitunia, and their two sons, Leonardo and Bodhi.