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Videothe Initials Game

Type: guessing game
Number of players: at least 4
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Guessing initials is a guessing game. Given the initials of a person, the participants have to guess using yes/no questions which person is meant.

The Game

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One player selects a person and gives the initials of the person's name to the players as hint. They then may ask questions to find out who is meant. The questions must be answerable by either yes or no.


Tailor tales review. The first player correctly guessing the person may think about the next person and let the other players guess ..


Typical questions are:

  • Is it a real real person? (not a fictitious one)
  • Is the person female?
  • Is it an actor?
  • Does the person still live?
Videothe Initials GameInitials

Video The Initials Game Of Thrones

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