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Types Of Concrete Slabsc Mac Concrete Pty Ltd

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Richard sherman age. CPR Services specialises in providing expert Concrete Repair and Protection solutions delivered by trained professionals. We are proudly the most recognised concrete remedial service and structural repair service provider for large concrete structures in New South Wales and Victoria. Our services include:

There are two main types of concrete slabs, raft or ground slab and waffle slab. Raft or Ground Level Slab Raft foundation consists of a concrete slab Moreover, raft foundation serves to avoid differential settlement which otherwise would occur if pad or strip foundation is adopted. Raft or ground level slab.


  • We do all types of concreting. From house slabs to garden footpaths. 17 years experience. Alford Concreting Pty Ltd. Coloured Concrete.
  • Concrete slabs, therefore, are further classified into one-way joist slab, flat slab, flat plate, waffle slab, hollow core slab, precast slab, slabs on grade, hardy slab, and composite slab.

Concrete cancer can be treated in all structures. In order to effect repairs, the spalled concrete must be removed and any exposed steel must either be replaced or cleaned and treated. Read more.


Carbon Fibre strips are a versatile and strength enhancing solution, which offers performance that is far superior to steel in terms of strength to mass ratio. Read more.


CPR Services provide bridge deck maintenance and protection systems, from supply and installation of bridge deck waterproofing membranes, to concrete repairs and structural protection.Read more.



CPR Services is a preferred installer/applicator for most of the largest resin suppliers in Australia andwe are continually referred to clients and authorities requiring the highest standards. Read more.



Chemical resistant coatings range from salt resistant through to highly protective coatings. CPR has specialised machinery enabling us to apply coatings to extensive areas in minimal time. Read more.


Epoxy Grouting, Cementitious Grouting, Polyurethane Grouting, Vinylester Grouting, Polyester Grouting, Compaction grouting / Stabilisation grouting and other applications. Read more.


We provide these services into the residential, commercial and civil sectors and have been involved in providing solutions for many high profile clients and projects. Read more.


Polyurethane crack injection is used in Civil Construction and maintenance of Civil Assets due to its flexibility in application and its reliability in repairing cracks in concrete structures. Read more.

Types Of Concrete Slabs Mac Concrete Pty Ltd Share Price


Types Of Concrete Slabs Mac Concrete Pty Ltd Inc

CPR Services provides specialised solutions for all types of concrete and steel structures with a high quality range of waterproofing systems from world leading manufacturers. Read more.

Types Of Concrete Slabs Mac Concrete Pty Ltd Contact Details


Mac Concrete Construction

We deploy state-of-the-art equipment and machinery in addition to utilising superior quality materials and methods endorsed internationally for concrete slab jacking applications. Read more.