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Shopping Cart Hero 2: Shopping Cart Hero: The sequel. Shopping Cart Hero 2 is one of our selected Arcade Games. Version 1.28 modern warfare size. Play for Free, and Have Fun! Shopping Cart Hero 2 - Game Description Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Shopping Cart Hero 2 Our little stickman hero is back with a new shopping cart! Speed down the mountain slope and fly off the edge as far as possible in this kickass skill game.

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Shopping Cart Hero 2
Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Run downhill with your shopping cart, get in and jump as far as possible. Follow the instructions on the screen, use the arrow keys.
A game by: Monkey Want Banana

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Play Shopping Cart Hero 2 Game

Play shopping cart hero 2 game

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Play Shopping Cart Hero 2

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Comments about Shopping Cart Hero 2:

this is a fun fun fun game ^_^ itspretty cool but the prices are so high and it would take a very long time tobuy all the stuff and yuppie i am 2ndplace even though that inst great. ilike Shopping Cart Hero 2 so hopefully ill play itsometime laterdarklegend
The game is really boring for the firsthour or so, but once you buy everything,it gets pretty fun :) Glad to get 3rdplace all-time in Shopping Cart Hero 2.Starman
This game may seem dumb from da star butwhen U get to da middle it's like..DAAANG!!!!!!!!!! One of the bestgames on Arcade Boss!!!Fat Albert
i got 3rd place yeadragonball52
Shopping Cart Hero 2 rocks even the first onedragonball52
has anyone thought of making amochigames account??? i have one and ihave over $1.5 million on Shopping Cart Hero 2 :-)this is a great game btw!dudester353
best game in the world!did you knowthere`s a first one?Lilybug
Fun game. Still trying to beat that darnmonkey!!!!fshk
yyeeeeeeeeesss i finally beat itmarieangel318
THIS GAME SUCKS. :(eddie99
omg that was so fun ll :p uyennifer17
Shopping Cart Hero 2 is awsome becas the big rocketis awsomemario4959
Nice gamelightgame
This game is FLAT OUT AWESOME! Thereshould be even more games like this onthis site, in my opinion…sevencube3
yyeeeeeeeeesss i finally beat itsouthernboy