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Getting Started

Minecraft nodus download for mac windows 7. In order to access and call the API, you will need to do the following:

PublishingStudioNote: The Data Studio API is currently only available to G Suite and CloudIdentity domains.

Enable the API

Before you can call the API, you'll need to enable it. To do so, navigate toEnable the API in the Cloud Console.

Create an OAuth Client

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Openbve Data Publishing Studio Home Page

Openbve data publishing studio home page

Openbve Data Publishing Studio Home Office

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  1. Navigate to Configure OAuth consent screen
    1. Choose Internal, then click Create
    2. Add the Data Studio read+write scope:
      1. Click Add Scope
      2. Click the manually paste link at the bottom of the pop-up
      3. Enter
      4. Click Add
    3. Fill out any other required fields, then click Save
  2. Navigate to Credentials
    1. Click the CREATE CREDENTIALS button
    2. Select OAuth client ID
    3. Choose the appropriate Application Type. (You probably want Webapplication)
    4. Fill out the required fields then click Create

Authorize OAuth client

Note: This step must be completed by a G Suite or Cloud Identity admin.
  1. Navigate to domain wide delegation in Google Admin console
  2. In API clients, click Add new
  3. Enter the Client ID for the OAuth client you created in the previous step
  4. Enter all OAuth scopes needed for the application. At a minimum you willneed to add the following scopes:
    • openid
  5. Click Authorize
Note: These changes take a few minutes to propagate.

Next Steps

After completing these steps you will have the necessary access to call the API.In order to actually call the API, you will need to get an OAuth token, andinclude it in your request. Programmatically getting an OAuth token is out ofscope for this doc, but Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs should get youstarted.