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Milesius (galamh)clan

Milesius (galamh)clan(galamh)clan
CONTENTS:• Herimon
First joint king of all Ireland
• Millesius
Father of the Millesians, who wrested Ireland from the Tuatha de Danaan
• Breogan
King of Spain

he pedigree of the lineage of Ghallchobar, continued, being the 50-100 next generations.

****051.Eocaidh Feidlech, KI, son of
52.Finn, son of
53.Finnlogha, son of
54.Roighnen Ruadh, son of
55.Esamhain of Emhain, son of
56.Blathacta, son of
57.Labraidh, son of
58.Enna Aighnech, KI, son of
59.Aengus Tuirmech of Temhair, KI, son of
60.Eocaidh Folt-lethan, KI, son of
61.Olild Cas-Fiaclach, KI, son of
62.Connla Cruaidh-chelgach, KI, son of
63.Iarann Gleo-fathach, KI, son of
64.Melgi Molbthach, KI, son of
65.Cobthach Cael-Breagh, son of
66.Iugani Mor, KI, son of
67.Eocaidh Buadach,son of
68.Duach Laghrach, KI, son of
69.Fiacaidh Tolgrach, KI, son of
70.Muredach Bolgrach, son of
71.Simeon Bree, KI, son of
72.Aedgan Glas, son of
73.Nuadha Finn Fail, KI, son of
74.Giallcaidh, KI, son of
75.Olild Olcaein, son of
  • Gallamh `Milesius' (King) in SPAIN aka Mil (Mileadh) Espane MacBILE; numerous fantastic exploits; aka Galamh MIL'ESPAINE; eponym of MILESIAN Dynasty Born: abt. 853 BC Died: abt.
  • NOTE: The ANCESTOR of a Clan, as referred to here, is one who begins a branch off the main stem that leads to the founder of that Clan's name. A QUO = 'from which decended;' ANG. (English translation) 36. MILESIUS OF SPAIN; (GAUL) A valiant warrior, prosperous in all his undertakings. He was contemporary with Solomon.

Milesius or Miledh, the father of Ireland’s Milesian dynasty from Spain—also called Golamh or Gathelus—is referred to as either the son of Nel (also Niul or Neolus) or the son of Cecrops, the founder of Athens in Greek mythology. This is, in fact, proof positive that Ireland’s traditional histories link its Milesians to those of the.

Milesius Galamh King Of Ireland

Milesius galamh king of ireland
76.Siorna Saeghalach, KI, son of
77.Dian, son of
78.Rothectach, KI, son of
79.Maen, son of
80.Aengus Ol-mucaidh, KI, son of
81.Fiacaidh Labranni, KI, son of
82.Smirgoll, son of
83.Eaboth, son of
84.Tighernmas, KI, son of
85.Follamhan, son of
86.Ethrial, KI, son of
87.IRIAL FAIDH, 'the Prophet,' 10th monarch d. 167O B.C. A very learned King who could foretell things to come. He built seven palaces, and cleared much of the country's ancient forests.
****1699 B.C.
88.Erimion, KI, (Heremon)

Heremon, Ir and Heber: The three sons of Milesius (Milidh). Heremon was the seventh son, but the third of these three that left issue, since the other five were killed in landing upon the treacherous coast, including Ir. Heremon and his eldest brother Heber jointly took kingship over Ireland upon defeating the Tuatha de Danaan, and were the first Milesian monarchs of Ireland. They began to reign in 1699 B.C., the first of one hundred eighty three Kings or sole monarchs of the Gaelic, Milesian, or Scottish race that governed Ireland successively for two thousand eight hundred and eighty five years from the first year of their reign, to the submission to the Crown of England, King Henry the II. Henry was also of the Milesian race by his mother Maude, of lineal descent from Fergus Mor MacEarca, first King of Scotland, a descendant of Heremon. Heber was slain by Heremon in a quarrel caused by their wives who could not agree on which half of Ireland they would build their homes. Crazy penguin catapultadcock games by: austin adcock.

89.Miledh of Esbain,
who from this chief the Irish are called Clanna Milidh, i.e., the clans of Miledh (Milesians. The Irish words Miledh h-Esbani, means the Warrior of Spain, i.e., Miles Hispaniae (Gaul). Galamh, which seems to be a synonym for Miledh, as it apparently comes from the Gaelic word Gal, or Gaoidhel, from whence the culture takes its name. Milesius was a valiant warrior, prosperous in all his undertakings. He was contemporary with Solomon. He planned to invade Ireland to avenge the death of his uncle, Ithe, killed by the Tuatha de Danaan, and also to fulfill a prophesy by the clan's druid given generations before. His wife Scota and his eight sons took on the charge after his death. Miledh was
son of
90.Bili, King in Spain, son of
91.Breogan, King in Spain, son of
92.Bratha, (He was the leader of the Clanna Gaedhail or Gaels that emigrated from Gaethluighe, which has been called Gothia, into Spain.), son of
93.Aredah, King in Gaethluighe, son of
94.Degatha, King in Gaethluighe, son of
95.Allod, King in Gaethluighe, son of
96.Nuadha, King in Gaethluighe, son of
97.Ninuall, King in Gaethluighe, son of
98.Febrie Glas, King in Gaethluighe, son of
99.Adnanhen Finn, King in Gaethluighe, son of
100.Eber Glun-Finn, King in Gaethluighe, son of

Milesius Galamh