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Member may refer to:

  • Military jury, referred to as 'Members' in military jargon
  • Element (mathematics), an object that belongs to a mathematical set
  • In object-oriented programming, a member of a class
    • Field (computer science), entries in a database
    • Member variable, a variable that is associated with a specific object
  • Limb (anatomy), an appendage of the human or animal body
    • Euphemism for penis
  • Structural component of a bridge
  • User (computing), a person making use of a computing service, especially on the Internet
  • Member (geology), a component of a geological formation
  • The Members, a British punk rock band
  • Meronymy, a semantic relationship in linguistics
  • Church membership begins at initiation (baptism)
  • Member, a participant in a club or learned society

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