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Mac Os X Text To Speech For Windows 8.1

Cepstral Personal voices for OS X bring your Mac to life with a natural voice that speaks to you.

Stay Hand and Eyes Free

Busy in the kitchen and don't have time to check that recipe again? Have it read to you by a Cepstral voice!

In the Background

Listen to articles while you work or browse the Internet. Or convert the articles to a podcast and take them with you on your personal music player or phone.


  • Windows.Media.SpeechSynthesis namespace. Speech synthesis MSDN sample for Windows 8.1. Currently there's no variety of age is available for voice, but you can change gender of voice by setting VoiceGender enum. You don't need to bundle the voice with the app. The OS contains all the framework libraries.
  • The Text to Spoken Audio feature is enabled by default in modern versions of Mac OS, therefore, to use it in MacOS and Mac OS X, all you need to do is: Select a group of text you want to transform into a spoken audio file Right-click on the block of text and select “Add to iTunes as Spoken Track” from the menu, or from the ‘Services.
  • How do I have my Mac read text from a Word file back to me? I have used this option often before, but cannot find it now. Responses to similar requests on the Internet indicated to add the function to the Quick Access Toolbar, but I do not see this as one of the available commands. Thank you for helping me get this handy feature back!
  • Make Mac Read on OS X Mavericks. Go to System Preferences by clicking on the Apple Menu. Next, click on Dictation & Speech and select Text to Speech tab. Finally, check the”Speak selected text when the key is pressed” box.

If you've ever asked someone to read your writing you know they find mistakes you overlooked. Use our voices to listen to your writing and avoid embarrassment.


Mac Os X Text To Speech For Windows 8.1 Download

Digital Future Text To Speech Sdk For Windows Mac Os X And Linux free download - R for Mac OS X, Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Apple Mac OS X Yosemite, and many more programs.

Easy to Use

OSX makes it simple to listen to any text you highlight. Cepstral also works with Apple's screen-access software VoiceOver.

Mac Os X Text To Speech For Windows 8.1 64-bit

Cepstral Personal Voices run on Mac OS X versions 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

(There's no video for MacinTalk yet. Please contribute to MR and add a video now!)

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What is MacinTalk?

MacinTalk is Apple's text-to-speech, or speech synthesizer, extension that allows Mac documents to 'talk' their text using a range of computerized voices.

MacinTalk (v1.0.2) was relased on April 15, 1985 and works on Mac OS 1.x to Mac OS 6.x

MacinTalk 2 and MacinTalk Pro (both v1.2) were released in 1994 for Mac OS 6 or 7 and were almost immediately made obsolete by MacinTalk 3.

MacinTalk 3 (v1.4) was released in 1995 and became Apple's TTS standard until OSX and is part of Mac OS 7, 8 and 9.

macintalk3.sit(463.25 KiB / 474.37 KB)
Macintalk 3 (v1.4 / 1995) / compressed w/ Stuffit
1037 / 2014-04-14 / 2017-02-26 / 7596669ff7e12f1ac2d12f412eba019304aa2fd5 / /
MacinTalk-131.sit(95.57 KiB / 97.87 KB)
/ compressed w/ Stuffit
92 / 2015-08-08 / bc462002bc88fbea60f6cbc0b8e87356ec001ff8 / /
MacinTalk_2_(1.2).sit(69.06 KiB / 70.72 KB)
Macintalk 2 (v1.2 / 1994) / compressed w/ Stuffit
306 / 2017-02-26 / 3234ea351c29006819152ce5215c6f58f95f9bb6 / /
MacinTalk_Pro.sea.bin(507 KiB / 519.17 KB)
MacinTalk Pro (v1.2 / 1994) / Binary encoded, use Stuffit Expander
205 / 2017-02-26 / 172dc8a0eef4f3828a12fc00632ba1b18dd345a9 / /
MacinTalk_1.dsk(409.46 KiB / 419.28 KB)
Macintalk (v1.0.2 / 1985) / DSK SD floppy disk image for vMac / DSK image
540 / 2017-02-26 / 411152e9adda2f01409144f21a1bcc67eda25aa1 / /


Motorola 68K

From Mac OS 6.0 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

Mac OS 6.x - Mac OS 9.2.2

Note: MacinTalk (1985) is only good for Mac OS 6 or lower and is archived here because a very few and old apps/games require this version to work and sometimes it did not come bundled with them. If you use Mac OS 7 or higher, there is no point in installing any of those MacinTalk versions at all, since MacinTalk 3 ships on the Mac OS installation CD's.

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II Frog fractionsbacon games.

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