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Where do you spend your days? At school, of course! From kindergarten to elementary school, middle school to high school, there are millions of girls like you all over the world who spend their days studying different subjects and learning loads of new things. But school isn’t all about books, lessons, tests and homework: you also get to play games at recess, have fun chatting with your friends at lunch, see the boys you like in class… Here at MyGames4Girls we’ve collected some great school games for you, so you can keep learning and relive all your favorite things about school, even at the weekend or when you’re on vacation! Research skillsmr. mac's 6th grader. Read more

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History, geography, English, math, science, Spanish, French… you’ll find all your favorite subjects in these girls’ games! Whether you’re cramming in some extra study in learning games or playing teacher in classroom games, you can get back to school and have tons of fun with the educational games in this section. You can play hide and seek in the playground, try working as a teacher, dress up a schoolgirl, or even kiss a boy in class in these awesome girls’ games, with no risk of getting detention! Who knows, you might even bump up your grades next semester thanks to these learning games! Have fun, and don’t forget to tell your friends to come check out the girls’ games here – no ditching class allowed!

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The second Weekday Puzzle is here! Puzzle games at the beginning are shorter and easier, the last not so much. Taka wants you to open many doors, Great Cthulu Feydkin to break free as many boxes as possible, and with Sarameya, you return to opening doors, cunningly coded (thinking out of the box is just a basic requirement).