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Jeff Lambertthe Initials Game


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Jeff Lambert The Initials Games

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Jeff lambert the initials game show

Jeff Lambert The Initials Game Show

  1. Derrick Kuan:

    The entire game can be enjoyed without having to spend money.

  2. Steve Nash:

    I played okay in my first preseason game but when I woke up that next morning and was a mess, that was when I started to think long and hard about what I was really capable of, about a week later, I played again and wasn't nearly ready. I felt I had to try and see if this was something I could break through after a few minutes on the court, and I clearly wasn't. I knew then I'd be lucky to play 10( NBA) games this season.

  3. Joe Theismann, Former quarterback:

    Nobody in the game of football should be called a genius. A genius is somebody like Norman Einstein.

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  4. David Ferrer:

    This is probably the best game I have played in my life as Ferrer is one of the best on clay in the world, my game plan was to pressure his second serve and get to the net as much as I could. I played well and he started making mistakes.

  5. Anthony Marchese:

    There’s no question that China has no respect for intellectual property, the problem we now face in the U.S. is that is that China is in a position of hurting us, at the same time as hurting themselves. It’s a game of chicken.