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How To Download Whatsapp On Mac

Messengerize.comDownload WhatsApp 2021 for Mac OS – WhatsApp 2021 for Mac OS is provided for OS X 10.9, and also synchronizes with your smartphone. You will definitely get help warning your original computer, along with the most effective keyboard techniques, which is much faster because the application runs natively on your desktop.

How To Download Whatsapp On Mac

Reviews Whatsapp 2021 for mac

It’s easy to download and install WhatsApp for Mac for free. Just download the client directly here or by going here to the WhatsApp download page. When you’ve downloaded and unzipped the file, just double click to install the client on your Mac and drag it into your Applications folder. Download Whatsapp messenger app for PC and Mac OS X.Finally a long waiting is ended Whatsapp Finally released a real WhatsApp.exe app for windows 10,7,8.1,8 etc the app is not available for windows 7 and also Whatsapp.dmg for Mac.Now there is not need to use Bluestack or any other type of emulator on your PC.

Like WhatsApp Internet, the new desktop computer application allows you to send messages with your family and friends when your mobile is in your pocket. WhatsApp must be installed on your mobile so you can use WhatsApp 2021 for Mac OS X.

WhatsApp 2021 for Mac OS downloads the free computer system desktop computer application that allows you to keep watch anytime, anywhere – whether on your cellphone or computer system at home or work. The application itself is quite similar to WhatsApp Internet, which is provided as an extension of your phone: this application displays conversations, as well as messages from your mobile device.

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After the internet version, WhatsApp officially introduced a special desktop computer application version, which allows Windows and Mac customers to send messages in an extra way without fuss. With this unique application, you can watch discussions and messages at the same time, as well as help for emojis and audio and audio input, generally an extension of the telephone version, as well as help for desktop computer warnings and keyboard quicker ways.

How To Download Whatsapp On My Mac

You will definitely be given a QR code as soon as you actually install and download, and also drag the program directly to the application folder on the Mac. Most likely to your smartphone, Open WhatsApp and click 3 small dots on the ideal side of the leading, and select WhatsApp Internet.

You currently have a QR-scanner open in your mobile application, and this will of course also allow you to check the code on your Mac screen. You will definitely have your WhatsApp conversation, along with phone calls directly integrated with your computer, as soon as you check it!


All types of messages obtained or sent are checked by your phone, in addition to home computer applications in real-time. This will definitely delete it from your desktop computer application and vice versa if you delete the conversation on your cellphone.

Just like the internet application, you will definitely know or Wi-Fi on your smartphone, so make sure that you really have cellular details that are prepared to fulfill your request or what you are riding on a Wi-Fi network. If your phone is not linked, you certainly will not get a message, and messages sent are usually delayed.

If you previously want to stop sending desktop computer applications and get messages, leave the desktop computer application. WhatsApp needs to be installed on your cellphone so you can use WhatsApp 2021 for Mac OS X.

WhatsApp 2021 for Mac OS the free desktop computer system computer application that allows you to keep it there anytime, anywhere – whether on your cell phone or computer system at home or at home.

Whatsapp 2021 features for mac

How To Download Whatsapp On Mac
  • There are no hidden prices.
    After you and friends download the application, you can use it for conversation without problems. You can send a million messages to your friends for free every day! WhatsApp makes use of your internet connection: take advantage of 3G / SIDE or wirelessly when offered.
  • press alert
    This application utilizes a press alert solution to immediately get messages from good friends, family members, and coworkers. WhatsApp registers based on mobile numbers. WhatsApp will definitely look for individuals who are currently on your mobile to get in touch and put them directly on your mobile.
  • multimedia message.
    Send videos, photos and audio files to your friends, if you intend to save and send video files, you must use an iPhone.
  • There are no global fees.
    Same because you don’t need to pay extra to send email to the whole world, you don’t need to pay for info throughout the WhatsApp world. Even though your friends have actually set up WhatsApp Messenger, you can chat with friends from all over the world and prevent interference with global SMS costs. Cellphone Organization.

Link Download WhatsApp 2021 for Mac OS

Download WhatsApp 2021 for Mac OS X Download Here

License: Freeware
Operating System: Mac Os

How To Download Whatsapp On Macbook Air



WhatsApp is the most popular social and instant messaging app out there in the market. The best part is the app supports both Smartphones and PC. It’s been quite a long since the company made WhatsApp available for PC

WhatsApp on PC syncs with the app on your phone through internet. The app gets connected to WhatsApp through scanning QR code appears on the mobile phone. In today’s guide, we are going to learn (step by step) how to download and install WhatsApp on PC and steps to setup easily.


We have got a lot to cover as this guide also includes things needed for WhatsApp to work on PC, various reasons for which people use WhatsApp on PC and at last we will provide the steps to get WhatsApp for PC without downloading the app on your PC.

Things needed for WhatsApp to work on PC

  • Phone with an active internet connection.
  • PC should also have an active internet connection.
  • Your Phone should be near to the PC.

Reasons for using WhatsApp on PC

  • Maybe if the person does not like to keep switching while he working on this PC.
  • If the user wants to use WhatsApp on a bigger screen.
  • be he wants to download the pictures sent by his friends on his PC.

WhatsApp for PC Download for Window & Mac Application

Step 1: Go to the official WhatsApp website.

Step 2: Click on “Mac or Windows” from the options available to download WhatsApp

Step 3: Choose between downloading on Mac or Windows, depending on which OS you want to download. Once you have clicked, the download of WhatsApp will start.

Step 4: Let the download finish! Once the download is finished, follow the steps shown in next section.

How to Install WhatsApp on PC

Step 1: Unzip the file which you have downloaded.

Step 2: Open the WhatsApp app present in the folder, after unzipping it.

Step 3: Double-click on the app and the app will open.

Step 4: Now open WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 5 Aboutjmac engine shop reviews. : Now tap on the 3 dots present on the top right corner and then click on “WhatsApp Web”.

Step 6: Now scan the code present on the WhatsApp (PC) on your phone by putting the code within the square present to scan on the phone.

Step 7: Once the scan is done, WhatsApp will get activated on your PC.

Use WhatsApp on PC without downloading the app

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Open WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 3: Scan the barcode on the site by using the “WhatsApp Web” feature on the WhatsApp present on your phone.

Step 4: Once the Scanning of the barcode is done, Your WhatsApp account will start working on site (You do not download the app).

How To Download Whatsapp Audio On Mac

Final Verdict

This was our amazing guide on WhatsApp for PC, we hope you liked it. We hope we have solved all your problems related to WhatsApp for PC, if not then just comment below regarding your problem. We will solve it as soon as possible!