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Game 74: November 6, 2015the Initials Game

Game 74: november 6 2015 the initials game show
French President Emmanuel Macron tests positive for Covid-19

French President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for Covid-19.

The presidential Elysee Palace announced the news on Thursday morning, saying Mr Macron, 42, took a test 'as soon as the first symptoms appeared.'

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The brief statement did not say what symptoms he was experiencing , but confirmed that France’s head of state will self-isolate for seven days.

What does social media have to do with my website anyway go. 'He will continue to work and take care of his activities at a distance,' the palace added.

© (Photo by YOAN VALAT/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) French President Emmanuel Macron gestures as he speaks during the Climate Ambition Summit 2020 video conference meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris, on December 12 2020 as this year marks the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement adopted by 196 countries on December 12, 2015. - The Climate Ambition Summit, being held online, comes as the United Nations warns current commitments to tackle rises in global temperatures are inadequate. (Photo by Yoan VALAT / POOL / AFP)

It is not yet known how or where the president was infected.

His office is currently in the process of identifying anyone who has come into close contact with him.

It is not yet clear whether Mr Macron’s wife Brigitte, 67, has also contracted the virus.

The president attended a European Union summit at the end of last week, and he met with the prime minister of Portugal on Wednesday.

Gallery: Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak around the world (Photo Services)

Game 74: November 6, 2015the Initials Game

There has been no immediate comment from Portuguese officials.

France’s prime minister Jean Castex, 55, is also self-isolating as he is considered a possible 'contact case', the BBC reported.

Mr Castex was due to introduce the French government's coronavirus vaccination policy on Thursday, with health minister Olivier Véran set to replace him.

Game 74: November 6 2015 The Initials Game On

Mr Macron is one of several world leaders who has caught the virus this year.

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Brigitte Macron is 15 years her husband’s senior

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson fell ill with the disease and ended up in intensive care during the UK’s first wave in March.


Seven months later, Donald Trump spent three days in hospital after testing positive.

Earlier this week, France eased national lockdown restrictions as cases continue to surge across the country.

Game 74: November 6 2015 The Initials Game 6

However, an 8pm to 6am curfew was imposed, forcing restaurants, cafes, theatres and cinemas to close.

France recorded more than 17,700 new cases in 24 hours on Wednesday.


Stay alert to stop coronavirus spreading - here is the latest government guidance. If you think you have the virus, don't go to the GP or hospital, stay indoors and get advice online. Only call NHS 111 if you cannot cope with your symptoms at home; your condition gets worse; or your symptoms do not get better after seven days. In parts of Wales where 111 isn't available, call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47. In Scotland anyone with symptoms is advised to self-isolate for seven days. In Northern Ireland, call your GP.

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Game 74: November 6 2015 The Initials Games

Game 74: November 6 2015 The Initials Game Show

The Domestic Market is defined as the North American movie territory (consisting of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam).

This table is updated daily to reflect the latest studio reports.

Note: This chart is not adjusted for inflation.