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Game 54: June 12, 2015the Initials Game

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Initials: S.A.
Host: Cory Cove
Players: Chris Hawkey, Paul Lambert, AJ Mansour, Ben Leber

The Initials Game. 12: Denis Leary: Travis (Rube). June 2020 May 2020 April 2020 March 2020 February 2020 January 2020. Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Markus 'Notch' Persson. It is maintained by Mojang Studios, a part of Xbox Game Studios, which in turn is part of Microsoft. From its creation, Minecraft was developed almost exclusively by Notch until Jens 'Jeb' Bergensten started working with him, and has since become head of its development. It features music by Daniel 'C418' Rosenfeld. 1998 NBA Finals: Chicago Bulls beat Utah Jazz, 87-86 in Game 6 for their 3rd consecutive title and 6th in 8 seasons; MVP: Michael Jordan for 3rd straight year and 6th time 1998 WLAF World Bowl 6, Waldstadion, Frankfurt: Rhein Fire beats Frankfurt Galaxy, 34-10.

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1San AntonioPaul Lambert1
2Soul AsylumChris Hawkey3
3South AfricaChris Hawkey2
4Sam AdamsChris Hawkey2Paul Lambert
5Steve AustinAJ Mansour1
6Saudi ArabiaAJ Mansour2
7San AndreasChris Hawkey2
8Sean AlexanderPaul Lambert1
9South AmericaBen Leber2
10Sleep ApneaChris Hawkey5AJ Mansour
11Salvation ArmyAJ Mansour2
12Southwest AirlinesAJ Mansour5Paul Lambert
1Chris Hawkey531
2AJ Mansour4112
3Paul Lambert222
4Ben Leber11
Notes & Quotes
Only 26 clues were read throughout the entire game.
(Sauce: “Is there weed in these donuts? What’s going on?)
Leber had a “premonition.” He dreamt the night before about the game and thought he could maybe guess the day’s initials before Cory announced them. He was wrong.
Hawk: “We don’t hate me; we hate Meatsauce!”

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Game 54: June 12 2015 The Initials Games

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