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Cyclomaniacsflash Game Heaven


Welcome to the Google Edition of Flash Gamer Heaven!
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Welcome to the Flash Gamer Heaven Website! We collect flash games for you guys to play. We also have music and videos. We currently have over 100 flash games and are going for 200! We currently have around 10000 active players on at one time and over 500M+ pageviews! We are slowly growing every day and hope that you can grow with us. Thanks for supporting us along the way!

-The FGH Staff Team

Unfortunately, we have taken down our .org, .com, and .net domains, but we are planning on renewing them soon!


Official Site Video:

Newest Game-Vex 3

Update Log- Click Here

This is a message for anyone who reads it:
I am back after a year to go ahead and fix up some issues with the website and to add some new games. Please send your game suggestions to the facebook page, tell me in real life or text me it! I wanted to thank all of you who still use my website, it means the world to me! I never could have thought it would be this popular. Please live on in my community and share it with your friends!

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39 new tracks, 50 riders, mini games and lots of hidden stuff. X or Space = Jump Up or W = Accelerate Down or S = Brake Right or D = Tilt forward Left or A = Tilt backwards P = pause the game R = Restart the game. Rarebucky Sealed Game Heaven 2386 followers rarebucky ( 13555 rarebucky's feedback score is 13555 ) 99.9% rarebucky has 99.9% Positive Feedback Save this seller.

Cyclomaniacsflash Game Heaven

Cyclomaniacsflash Game Heaven Game

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