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Best Mac Os App For Developing Android Apps

Using Android with Mac OS X: tips and recommendations Nirave Gondhia One of the principal reasons that many Apple Mac users opt for an iPhone over an Android smartphone is the ability to. Apps provide multiple entry points. Android apps are built as a combination of components that can be invoked individually. For example, an activity is a type of app component that provides a user interface (UI). The 'main' activity starts when the user taps your app's icon. Android app architecture. One of the first steps in Android app development is defining the minimum Android version supported by your app. For instance, setting it at 4.4 KitKat (and newer) will ensure 90.5% coverage of mobile devices. Though, for specific cases and in regards to app features as well as targeted audience, we recommend making an.

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There are many people with Android and Mac devices, but they do not know that they can get their Android phones work with their Mac. With the improvement in the level of technology and innovativeness, software developers are indeed working hard to reduce the limitations and barriers of products from different manufacturers. Thanks to them now an Android device can be compatible to Mac. There are hundreds of thousands of Android Mac software available online, but here are the top 5 best Android software for Mac that every owner with a Mac PC should download and install into their devices.

1# MobileTrans for Mac

MobileTrans for Mac (or you can use MobileTrans for Windows) is an excellent, safe and risk-free phone transfer tool, which comes with innovative and amazing features. It does not only allow you to export or import data between smartphones or between phones and Mac devices, but also lets you backup, restore and permanently delete data. Moreover, it allows you to transfer iCloud and iTunes back-ups such as music, photos, SMS, contacts, videos and more to your phone.

The software is considered to be one of the most advanced data transfer tools available on the web. It’s designed in a way that it transfers all the data without losing quality. This software is not only limited to Android users as Android user as iOS, Blackberry and Nokia users can also enjoy all its benefits. Phone Transfer is indeed a must have software. With it installed in your PC, you will never be worried when you decide to upgrade, switch phones or sell your current phone model.

2# Android File Transfer for Mac

If you would like to browse and the transfer your favorite files between your Android device and Mac, then Android File Transfer can be very helpful to you. This Android software for Mac is highly recommended for Android and Mac users who would like to back up, restore or just share their files with friends and relatives. It supports data transfer through a USB cable, just like most of the Android-Mac data transfer software’s.

In order to use Android File Transfer for Mac, you must ensure that your PC is operating on Mac-OS X 10.5 or later and your phone has Android 3.0 or later. There are two main challenges faced by users of this software. The first one is that it only supports the data transfer of up to 4 GB and secondly, most users are not able to uninstall it successfully.

3# Android SDK

Android SDK refers to a software development kit that helps software developers to create Android apps. Android SDK includes the sample projects with development tools, source codes, an emulator, and the required libraries for building Android apps. The apps are written with the Java programming language and then run on Dalvik, which refers to a custom virtual machine that is designed for embedded usage and runs on top of the Linuxkernel.

If you are an aspiring mobile software developer, then this is a must have app. It offers you a perfect chance to become more creative and innovative and everything you need to build applications are provided. However, the app can be tricky to operate for beginners.

4# Samsung Kies for Mac

Samsung Kies refers connects a mobile phone to a PC, making it easier for users to synchronize the data between various devices and find new apps. This provides users with the best way to keep their mobile up to date. Once you connect your phone to Kies through a USB cable, you are automatically notified of the available updates to your phone’s firmware. Kies Android software Mac is also available to help Android users to manage data transfers.

5# BlueStacks

Bluestacks is an app that features Bluestacks app player as well as other cloud-based cross platform products that are designed to allow Android applications to run on Windows PCs and Macintosh computers. They have over 1.5 million games and over 500, 000 HTML5/Flash games. Therefore, you can log in, chat or play with Android apps on your Windows computer for free and on a bigger screen.

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Installing Android SDK is straightforward but a few tweaks can make your development environment much faster and better.

Download the Android SDK bundle from the official Android Developers page. This bundle includes the Android SDK, Eclipse and other useful tools. Finding the right prototype maker for your product free.

Unzip the downloaded file anywhere and run the Eclipse Application.

This should be enough but the emulator will be extremely slow. No worries, there are some additional packages you can install to solve this problem.

On Eclipse, go to Window -> Android SDK ManagerCheck the option 'Intel X86 Atom System Image':

You also need to install the 'Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM)' but until the date of this post, an important Hotfix for OS X 10.9 has not been included into this package at Android SDK Manager. So go ahead and download this file from the Intel's website.

To ensure Eclipse is running properly we will create a 'Hello World' Android app but first go ahead and close and re-open Eclipse so make our new packages available to be used.

For this click on the button New Android Application:

Provide an Application Name, for test proposes we named ours 'Test' and accept all default options for the new project.

Before you can run the app on the emulator you will need to create an Android Virtual Device Manager.

Go to Window -> Android Virtual Device Manager -> New

Provide a name for your device, select a Device and Target.To enable the hardware acceleration, make sure to select 'Intel Atom (x86)' as CPU/ABI and to check 'Use Host GPU' and then click OK:

To run your example app go to Run -> Run As -> Android Application.

You should see the emulator like this:

Best Mac Os App For Developing Android Apps Windows 10

Look at the console log for 'HAX is working and emulator runs in fast virt mode', this is the proof that the accelerator is working properly:

There are a few solutions to integrate Vim with Eclipse. We've chosen the plugin Vrapper and it's the easiest one to install.If you are not familiar how to install a plugin in Eclipse, just go to Help -> Install New Software. A new window will popup, then click on the 'Add..' button. Give it a name, like 'Vrapper - Vim plugin' and set the location to ''

Best Mac Os App For Developing Android Apps Offline

Now choose the Vrapper plugin, the Java extension and the Surround.vim plugin:

Best Mac Os App For Developing Android Apps Download

Anyways those are some small tweaks we've found helpful. Let us know if there are any other improvements you'd suggest.

Happy coding!

Best Mac Os App For Developing Android Apps

Best Mac Os App For Developing Android Apps Free

*Update: You should be using Android Studio to develop for Android. It has a much better support and integration with all libraries.