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Airsoft Dragunov Rifle Sniperdigitalblackberry

  1. This is the fully automatic, AEG version of A&K's incredibly popular Dragunov airsoft sniper rifle. The body of the airsoft gun is constructed entirely out of metal, giving it a very realistic weight and feel, and the stock and hand guard are constructed out of a highly durable polymer.
  2. Airsoft sniper rifles shoot at a high FPS in order to maximize the effective range. They have long barrels which allow for greater precision than smaller airsoft guns. Bolt action airsoft sniper rifles have to be cocked before each shot, much like a real rifle.
  1. Airsoft Dragunov Rifle Sniperdigitalblackberry Buttstock
  2. Dragunov Rifle Review

Celebrating successeffective curriculum ideas activities. Total crap, easily broken, poor quality, and not even Dragunov externals, more of an AK with some Dragunov-like parts. Yes they truley are that bad, the stock is cheap plastic and breaks extremely easily and As you said its not a true Dragunov I believe it is a standard Ak 47 body, as in the selector switch is different from a true Dragunov.

Airsoft Dragunov Rifle SniperdigitalblackberryReviewDragunovDragunov rifle reviewDragunov

Airsoft Dragunov Rifle Sniperdigitalblackberry Buttstock

This is a factory built Romanian Dragunov sniper rifle, complete with original military scope(not the imported version) and all of the accessories pictured. These rifles, also known as aRomak-3, SSG-97, and PSL, are extremely accurate and reliable. The Dragunov design has been in use since the mid 60's, and is still the official design of Russia and other Com-bloc countries. This isthe Romanian version, which improved on the Russian design as far as reliability goes. This is a great weapon for several reasons. First, it uses the same type of action that an AK-47 uses, whichmakes it drag-through-the-mud reliable. Second, it's semi-automatic, which means if you miss with the first shot, you have an immediate chance to make up for it. Third, it uses a very powerful7.62x54R caliber bullet, which is a monster round. The large size of the round and the long barrel of the rifle combine to allow shooting out to 1000yds. A communist sniper issued a Dragunov rifle inthe Afghan war stated that he felt confident hitting people out to 800 yds with one shot, and vehicles up to 1000 yds. These features make the perfect long-range weapon for any situation. This riflecomes complete with scope(very cool, built in range-finder reticle which was originally lit with radioactive Tritium), cleaning kit, small spare parts, cleaning rod, oil bottle, leather sling,owner's manual provided by importer, and a hardcase. Quantities of these rifles are extremely limited. The picture is representative, these all look the same. These are arsenal-stored rifles; notfired, but the wood will sometimes show some age. These rifles were never meant to be pretty, they were meant to shoot things from a long ways away. Also because these are rifles from militarystorage, some small parts like the some small accessories may vary from rifle to rifle (cleaning kit pouch, cleaning kit contents, etc.). This rifle is a valuable investment, a great collector'spiece, and a very fun gun to shoot. This may be your last chance for a great rifle.
.....VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT condition with full accessory package, 1 magazine, and hardcase...$2299-$2699

Dragunov Rifle Review

.....UNFIRED CONDITION or EXCEPTIONAL, with full accessory package, 1 magazine and hardcase...$2499-$2999