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Welcome to 4D maths!
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My name is David Forde and I am the founder of 4Dmaths. I am offering maths tuition to Leaving, Pre-Leaving and Junior Certificate students.
This is my fifth year offering this service and
I am fully committed to provide the best possible service to students. Each student will receive comprehensive notes, and homework to be completed for the next lesson. Also their progress will be monitored and will be givrn feedback on an ongoing basis.
It is my sincere commitment that I exceed each student's expectations when it comes to helping and nurturing their love of maths.

All trailblazers enter here.

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  • 'Know relative sizes of measurement units within one system of units including km, m, cm; kg, g; lb, oz.; l, ml; hr, min, sec. Within a single system of measurement, express measurements in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit. Record measurement equivalents in a two-column table.'

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4d Mathmrs. Mac's Messages Recovery Tool

4d Mathmrs. Mac

Progress SET WINDOW VISIBLE ( visible {; horPos ; vertPos {; foreground}} )
visible BooleanTrue = Show, False = Hide
horPos LongintLeft coordinate of window
-1 = No change
vertPos LongintTop coordinate of window
-1 = No change
foreground BooleanShow progress bar in foreground

The Progress SET WINDOW VISIBLE method manages the display of the progress bar window, if it exists.

The visible parameter indicates whether or not the window is visible (by default, it is visible). Pass False in this parameter to hide the window and True to show it again, if it exists.

4d Mathmrs. Mac's Messages Supprimer

The horPos and vertPos parameters modify the location of the progress bar window on screen. In these parameters, you pass values representing the movement in pixels to the right (horPos) or downwards (vertPos) with respect to the coordinates of the main application window (under Windows) or the screen (under Mac OS).

When you do not want to modify these coordinates (for instance, if you want to use the foreground parameter without changing the position of the window), pass -1 to each of these parameters.

Pass True in foreground when you want to force the progress window to the foreground of the application.

Place the progress bar window 50 pixels from the left edge and 100 pixels from the top edge:

4d Mathmrs. Mac's Messages For Her

Hide the progress bar window:

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Display the progress bar window and move it to the foreground without changing its position: