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4 Smart Technologies Changing The Face Of Small Businesses

A major asset to growing a successful business is the ability to harness the full potential of modern technology. However, utilizing modern technology to the advantage of your business doesn’t mean blindly following the status quo. Instead, it requires building a better understanding of how to test the benefits of implementing newer and rapidly evolving technologies in your business with relatively limited resources. Although there’s perhaps far too much talk these days of “out with the old and in the new”, there are undoubtedly some trends in the world of corporate technology that have gone from being just ‘trends’ to becoming essential.

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Tiredness affecting small business owners. It’s tempting to try to do everything if you’re a small business owner, and long hours add pressure. Fatigue, one of the most commonly overlooked small business challenges, can leave you disorganised, forgetful and cranky, not paying as much attention to clients as you should, and making mistakes. Mar 31, 2017 When you’re a small business owner, your ability to adapt to the marketplace dictates whether you’ll sink or swim. You have to meet demand without losing too much money or biting off more than you can chew. Maybe that’s why so many small business owners resist adopting new technologies – especially if their business is running just fine (for now). From augmented reality to cryptocurrency, here are the buzzwords in tech and how they can be applied by small enterprises W e live in an age of unprecedented technological change. The birth of the.

  1. The workday for office workers is standard: a 9-to-5 schedule, sitting at a desk in a cubicle or an office, with slight variations on the time spent and physical space. However, technology is changing — or promising to change — the way users interact with their physical office space and how they go about their working hours.
  2. Most of the business have formatted themselves to digital wave. Small businesses or large, you find them putting efforts to make them more tech-oriented than before. As they understood how technology can change their business. So the question is how smart technology has changed or helped your business. “Smart” data sharing.

#1. Remote Workforce

According to a study by enterprise software company Intuit, more than 40% of the workforce in the US will be freelancers by 2020. Already, nearly half of employees in the US now work from home either part or full-time, according to a recent study by the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The rapid and unprecedented rise of cloud computing technologies and services has largely been responsible for the increasingly liquid workforce in the US and beyond. In fact, the trend to work from home or as a freelancer is rapidly following suit in the UK and across much of the rest of the developed world.


Although modern technology greatly helps to facilitate the remote workforce, there are some clear benefits of allowing your staff to work from home, at least on occasion. No longer do job roles have to involve being fixed in one place, thus allowing your employees the freedom to work from home and on the move. This, in turn, means that you don’t need to have as much office space or hardware resources. At the same time, the greater flexibility affords employees the luxury of being able to work where they feel more comfortable and, most importantly, where they are most productive.

#2. Automated Marketing

As technology gets smarter, there are fewer jobs that actual people need to take care of, thus significantly reducing the costs of running a modern business. According to a study by Gartner Research in 2014, businesses were spending just over ten percent of their annual revenue on marketing, with well over half of this amount being spent on digital marketing specifically. Overall marketing budgets continue to increase substantially, largely in line with the ever-increasing amount of opportunities afforded by digital technologies. As such, automation promises to make digital marketing more cost-effective and wider-reaching.

For many years, reputable businesses have been hesitant to adopt automated marketing for fear of losing their voices to robots. However, newer technologies have given rise to more intelligent automation which, in turn, reduces the complexity of operations and allows for constant experimentation and improvement. However, the human element will continue to remain essential in any marketing strategy, particularly in the case of growing businesses still trying to discover the most suitable marketing tactics for themselves. However, marketing automation can become an enormously effective extension of the human element of your business.

#3. App Development

4 Smart Technologies Changing The Face Of Small Businesses

According to the State of Mobile Web – US 2015 report, 56% of traffic to the world’s most popular websites now takes place on the small screen. Additionally, Smart Insights recently revealed that 89% of time spent on mobile media was spent using mobile apps, as opposed to only 11% being spent using the mobile web itself. The unprecedented increase in app usage over recent years has made it clearer than ever that businesses need to include mobile as an integral part of their sales and marketing strategy. These days, it’s often not enough to simply have a mobile-friendly website.

Statista revealed in June, 2016 that were already 2.2 million apps available in the Google Play store, followed by 2 million in the Apple App Store. Businesses are increasingly leveraging the potential of apps to provide better customer service and tap into a potentially powerful marketing channel. Small businesses can take advantage of things like mobile-specific customer loyalty programs, geo-targeting, mobile payments, sales reminders and, of course, quick and simple communication. In fact, it’s not always necessary to have your own app developed either, since there are many increasingly popular industry-specific apps that you can take advantage of.

#4. New Payment Methods

4 Smart Technologies Changing The Face Of Small Businesses Near Me

Virtually every serious business these days accepts credit cards, and even the most technologically clueless among us generally know how to send and receive payments on PayPal. However, the coming years will no doubt see electronic payments becoming even easier, likely to the point where cash will become almost obsolete in everyday life. The ubiquity of smartphones has largely been responsible for the rise of mobile payment systems, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, which allow consumers to make payments using their smartphones rather than with a credit card or cash.

Mobile payments have taken a while to catch on, with only 17 percent of consumers using them regularly, according to a study conducted by Nonetheless, consumers are steadily becoming more familiar with the technology, and it’s now possible to pay with a smartphone almost anywhere where you can swipe a contactless credit or debit card. At the same time, e-commerce stores are under constantly increasing pressure to offer more payment systems, particularly as consumers become more concerned about issues pertaining to online security. Many shoppers are now abandoning their shopping cart if you don’t accept the payment method they prefer, and are turning to retailers that do.

#5. Big Data Analytics

Big data has become one of the biggest buzzwords of recent years. As companies of all sizes rely more and more on the internet for sales, marketing, customer service and a whole raft of other core operations, big data becomes more relevant to the extent that it’s now completely changed the way people do business. The reason behind the importance of big data is simple – every online activity creates data that businesses can use to learn more about their existing and potential customers, and garner invaluable insights into their markets. The amount of raw informational material gathered is often vast, hence the necessity for big data analytics platforms.

Making sense of the colossal amount of data generated by information technology-related activities is where analytics tools come into play. To convert all of the data into meaningful statistics that businesses can use to help grow and improve their marketing strategies, big data analytics platforms, such as Cloudera, Pivotal, SAP, and Oracle have become vital solutions for many businesses. In the case of small businesses, which generally cannot afford and do not need to maintain large data centers of their own, big data analytics is usually taken care of by way of a cloud-based platform such as those mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

4 Smart Technologies Changing The Face Of Small Businesses Usually

Information technology has had a profound effect on business throughout its existence but, today, we see a very different corporate IT environment even compared to that of just a few years ago. Today, the cloud envelops almost everything that small businesses do when it comes to computing and the internet, and it is more important than ever to stay one step ahead to remain competitive.

Our world is moving fast, and it’s getting hard to keep up with these changing trends. Technology has become an integral part of our day-to-day life. Now smart technology is not only for Millenials. Times have changed from kids to old generation everybody is obsessed with technology.

Don’t know whether technology obsession is a good thing or bad. But one thing is clear that it is making our lives easier. Maybe in future, we will find flying cars or robots socialising just like us. Anything is possible with technology.

So the point of interest here is, how can we use this smart technology in business? How can it change or help your business grow? We are in an era of constant evolution be it in science or technology. Every new invention is opening doors for a better tomorrow. So it is important for a business to get as smart as its customers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technology is in constant rise giving birth to a new line of smart products and new revenue streams. These new waves of technology are making business owners feel safe and secure. Most of the business have formatted themselves to digital wave. Small businesses or large, you find them putting efforts to make them more tech-oriented than before. As they understood how technology can change their business.

So the question is how smart technology has changed or helped your business.

“Smart” data sharing

Technology has changed the way data is handled. Data is undoubtedly a life-line for businesses. Any business starts with data collection and ends with it. Smart technologies like IoT has made it easy to access the data related to the customers and also helps you in tracking and recording patterns of customer interactions with devices. They make your devices smart, these devices improve your user experience and also helps in improving and growing your business by interpreting the data.

Data is used to study buyer persona, buyer cycle, innovate inventions, improving existing products, advertising & marketing and customer requirements. All the data collected can be shared and interpreted effectively with smart technology.

“Smart” security

With increasing scams and thefts, security has also become a huge concern for businesses. Large or small every business is exposed to the danger of thefts. So maintaining tight security is important for any business. To some extent, smart technology has solved these security issues. There are so many new innovations like those flying CCTV’s or smart locks or virtual keys which can make your office a safer place.

Now you can keep an eye on what is going in the office, even when you’re not present in the office with smart security systems like Netgear’s smart security camera, these cameras allow you to monitor your office from your smartphone. These security cameras notify you through email or text when they find any suspicious activity in your premises. They even come with video recording features making it easy to store them for future purposes.

“Smart” inventory tracking

Who knew inventory tracking and management would get this easy with this smart technology. You’re every inventory related issue is now easily solved with technology. These IoT inventions have provided users with automatically-controlled options. Cool right? Imagine how easy it would be to manage your inventory from anywhere. These inventions install their software and other devices in your storage house or warehouse. You can even track the delivery of your inventory like how far the load has reached. Time used in solving these inventory management issues can now be used in other demanding tasks.

“Smart” Watches

Mobiles are so important for your personal and professional life. There are times you forget your mobile or leave it on vibration mode and search it for hours. Technology has made that also easy with smartwatches. They are the best watches you would have ever owned. Why? You must be wondering. Having a smartwatch is like having the technology right at your wrist you can find best watches online. It makes so many tasks easy and also serves you like your mobile when necessary.

It can perform various tasks like keeping track of your meetings and deadlines, you can prepare your schedule. Real-time updates like email notifications help you answer any emergency without using your mobile. Marketing is also possible with these watches. You can even take notes and dictations. With all these amazing features travelling with a smartwatch is so comfortable it can even save your flight boarding passes. For frequent flyers having one of these watches make your travel a pleasant one.

4 smart technologies changing the face of small businesses tend

“Smart” workforce

With every organisation wanting to be technology driven. They are working to make their workforce skilled and tech-savvy. Some organisations are even going to the extent of providing their employees with training related to new technologies. All major players in the market are establishing themselves as technology-based companies. So in this increasing technology’s influence, you should also gear up and make your employees enrich their skills. Smart technology can even make their work easy and save them more time compared to traditional methods. They can use that time in learning something new. And many skilled people are getting employed due to their knowledge of technology.

“Smart” adaptability and productivity

This generation of technology is described as the third wave of IT transformation. So adapting to all these latest trends and technological advancements are important for any organisation. The more you try to adapt to these ever-changing scenarios the more your company productivity will be. These smart technologies provide you with devices that can help you in finishing your task quick and error free. You should always check that all your equipment is in perfect condition. With these technology-driven devices, your employees can finish a large scale of work in a short period of time. They make your work easy as your physical presence is not necessary everywhere. You can actually get two tasks done at the same time. They improve your employee’s skills and improve their efficiency. All these things will sooner or later increase your profits.

From microscope to computer someone somewhere had the vision to create something new and revolutionary. All these changes throughout these past decades have definitely made our life a lot better than it already was. So is smart technology, by adapting to it companies can understand their customers better and constantly adapt and improve themselves for a better tomorrow. Using smart technology in business can improve and help them re-invent themselves.

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